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Casepoint is the trusted data discovery platform for large corporations and government agencies. Our mission is to transform data into actionable intelligence and responsive insights. Leveraging the power of AI and advanced analytics, our end-to-end data discovery platform empowers teams to seamlessly collect, preserve, and discover vast amounts of data from diverse sources.

August 11-15, 2024

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Stop by our booth to see how you can leverage the legal technology features you need to efficiently and effectively manage your data discovery needs. We’ll show you how to deliver the best legal outcomes and business results quicker with the industry’s most end-to-end cloud solution for Legal Hold, eDiscovery, and FOIA.

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Kristin Meister

Director and Litigation, Enforcement, and Investigations Counsel

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Oliver Silva

Vice President,
Product Operations

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Lesley Marlin

Associate General Counsel,
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What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You: Effectively Conducting Investigations in a Highly Regulated Environment

The corporate compliance and regulatory landscape is a tangled mess. Many organizations simply don’t have the time or resources to adequately deal with every compliance risk, but this can be even more problematic in highly regulated environments. In this session, our experts will highlight the key roles required to conduct an investigation, examine the core principles, Guidelines, and Processes that should be introduced, and offer best practices to avoid future pitfalls.

August 11-15, 2024 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Upgrade Your Data Discovery With Award-Winning Technology



Discover the most relevant data in less time within one unified and secure legal discovery platform, powered by artificial intelligence and supported by legal experts. Confidently manage, collect, process, and review data during eDiscovery and identify crucial data with our award-winning technology.

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Legal Hold

Eliminate manual processes, save time, and improve custodian compliance in order to achieve a defensible workflow. Easily configure custodian management to automate user notifications with customizable templates. Track responses in one secure solution to reduce time, costs, and risk related to legal holds.

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Casepoint FOIA transforms and streamlines the way agencies respond to FOIA requests. Get access to a comprehensive FOIA management and tracking system, a public portal and reading room, and reporting all within a single platform. Designed specifically for government agencies, Casepoint FOIA equips agencies with enterprise-grade tools to simplify the handling of FOIA requests.

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AI & Advanced Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge AI and advanced analytics tools built into the platform at no additional cost. Cull data faster, locate crucial documents, identify and tag for relevance, non-relevance, privilege, and more. Features include: Active Learning based TAR, Clustering, Email threading, Communication Graphing, Entity recognition, Data story builders, Visualizations analytics, and more.

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Connect Casepoint to These Cloud Platforms

Let's connect at ILTACON in August! Pick a time that works best for you. We'll show you how to deliver better results faster with the industry's most robust and end-to-end cloud solution for Legal Hold, eDiscovery, and FOIA.


Making the
for Casepoint



Taking control of the process can help your organization achieve greater oversight and accountability of your data, your internal teams, and the productivity and effectiveness of outside counsel.

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Document review accounts for more than 80% of total litigation spend. Leveraging advanced technology, such as Advanced Analytics, Active Machine Learning, and AI-driven workflows leads to a more efficient process resulting in lower review costs.

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Corporations and Law Firms are being targeted by cyber criminals on a daily basis. Our end-to-end platform stores all of your data in one secure location, eliminates data gaps, and reduces the risks of data breach exponentially.

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Streamline workflows by using a single platform for the entire eDiscovery process. Increase productivity, meet litigation and investigation timelines, and leverage overall buying power in order to significantly lower your litigation spend.

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Do more with less by leveraging technology and automation to do work for you. Consolidation and optimization of your tech stack can help mitigate pain points. See how you can deliver more value for your organization with end-to-end control of your data and powerful AI-driven technology.

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Government Agencies

Easily manage complex eDiscovery, investigation, FOIA, and regulatory needs with Casepoint’s FedRAMP Authorized platform. Quickly collect, process, and find crucial data with easy-to-use cloud-based technology and reliable support.

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The Only Enterprise-Grade Data Discovery Platform You’ll Ever Need

Casepoint’s powerful and innovative cloud-based platform offers greater efficiency, enhanced security, and more control of your data. Spanning the entire data discovery process, its extensible technology is trusted by leading corporations and federal agencies to manage expanding and complex data requirements.

Casepoint Legal Hold  
for Corporations

Casepoint's Legal Hold application automates manual processes to lower risk, cut costs, and optimize time spent on legal holds. Casepoint streamlines workflows that facilitate legal holds and data collection, all within one secure platform.

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